mission statement

The Eskasoni YACHT Initiative was set up to inform the youth on the dangers of smoking as well as explore the reasons why the youth in the community start smoking. During this campaign it was the goal of the program to develop a youth campaign against smoking by the youth for the youth.
  Project co-coordinators Jaime Battiste and Chad Denny needed to get students from the high school to volunteer to come to focus groups on tobacco. Together they visited classrooms and made presentations on Tobacco prevention using informational videos and pamphlets to educate on the effects of using tobacco and used surveys as informational tools to figure out why youth begin to smoke, and how they are able to purchase their tobacco. From the surveys they were able to draw upon 6 high school students from Eskasoni who would make up the tobacco peer helpers.
the team
planning The group attended meetings and dinners hosted by the local Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Association, where the participants were asked what could be done to increase youth awareness on the dangers of smoking, as well as help those who are already addicted to quit.

The group decided on an information booth during the local Pow-wow, then hosting a Wellness Day barbeque and dance where youth could come to learn and take part in fun activities, while being informed on effects of tobacco and fill out a survey on tobacco and smoking in Eskasoni.

The group chose the slogan “Smoking, why do it?”, while we realized this only targeted smoking and not chewing tobacco we believed it had a certain ring to it.

Next, in order to increase interest in the project, the group decided to offer prizes at the Wellness Day. A bicycle would be the main prize for youth participating at the event and filling out a survey. The group believed that this would generate interest and bring people to the pow-wow booth and to the Wellness Day to fill out more surveys on tobacco.

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