By the end of the project our experience revealed that the best way to inform youth on the subject of tobacco prevention or cessation was not to try to bring them to us, but to go to them.

We found that more feedback was collected when we went to schools and events such as pow-wows or tournaments, compared to the feedback collected when events were held inviting youth to come. Also, it is important to keep the youth informed through whatever community advertising there may be, while it helped to promote some sort of incentive for participation.

We believe that the best social marketing to youth needs to involve the school system. The reason for this is that the youth feel that they have a certain amount of control over what happens at their school, also they believe that there they can change things for the better.

While a webpage is a great way to document a campaign involving tobacco prevention and cessation, we also believe that the youth in the community also benefit from posters and pamphlets put up at stores. This is a another reminder that stores should not sell cigarettes or chewing tobacco to minors.

While it was difficult to arrange meetings between the local R.C.M.P. and our group, we believe that any further campaigns should have the local authorities as partners.

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